CP/M WordStar patch for VT100 up to 5 colors.

Features :
  • WordStar patch for ANSI/vt100 terminals like Linux Console or X11 xterm.
  • Works with CP/M 2.2 (or MP/M) with fixed height and fixed width at offset 232h and 233h (default values are actually 24x80).
  • Get console height and width dynamically from SCB Bdos #49 (for use with CP/M Plus).
  • Could do the same with CP/M 2.2 (or MP/M) as CP/M Plus if SCB Bdos #49 return non-0 values for height and width.
  • Support for up to 120 lines of 250 columns (e.g. 43 or 44 lines of 132 columns CRT mode) with limitations.

  • Send sequence codes to delete and insert line on screen.
  • Orange (customizable at offset 33Dh) background color instead of simple reverse video (only with color compatible vt100 terminals).
  • Bright status line (number one) instead of reverse video.
  • Blue (customizable at offset 31Ch) foreground color for latest flags column (only with color compatible vt100 terminals).
  • Up to five colors (white/orange/black/bright/blue).
  • Bright and reverse video only with non-color vt100 terminals.

  • Works with Zilog Z80 or Intel 8080/8085. No use of Z80 specific op-codes.
  • Fit in exact amount of bytes for patches. No extra memory needed.
  • Works with WS 3.3 pre-patched with WINSTALL.COM

Installation procedure: Patch yourself your copy of WS.COM with this WS3.HEX file.


The changes made during this session of INSTALL are stored
in a temporary file. You may now save these changes in your
installed file C:WS.COM.

These are your current values:

Terminal                :             DEC VT-100
Printer                 :          Standard Printer
Communications protocol :            No protocol
Driver                  :        Primary list device

          *****  EXIT OPTIONS MENU  *****

A   Save the changes made during this INSTALL session
B   Quit this session of INSTALL without saving changes
C   Change any of your choices / Remain in INSTALL

    Enter the letter of your choice (A/B/C).

Your new installed WordStar file is C:WS.COM.

You are returning to the operating system.


CP/M 3 SID - Version 3.0
4600 4600 0100 DAFF
462E 462E 0100 DAFF
008Bh record(s) written.

C>device console [lines=44,columns=132]

Console width set to 132 columns
Console page set to 44 lines


Download patch file: WS3.HEX.

Alexandre MONTARON (Paris)

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