RetroChallenge 2K16/01

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1st Jan. : So, it has started ! Let's go !

31th Jan. : Last Day - Try it yourself !

On Linux (or Unix) with root user if possible (it works with non-root users too) :
# wget
# tic mntl.ti
# export TERM=viewdata-rv (or TERM=viewdata-o)
Then run emacs or screen and... Enjoy !

28th Jan. : Snapshoot for Challenge #3.

Snapshoot with TERM=viewdata-o and screen(1): vi *and* Emacs on the same Viewdata terminal :

So, it's the end... ?

23rd Jan. : News and answers to Mark.

Sorry, Mark no cam(recorder) here but... I added a blinking cursor on the picture below :-D

Also to answer you, I tried on a Minitel (same codes as Viewdata for home and cursor up/down/left/right) at 1200 and 4800 Bauds. It works fine but solution #1 is a bit slow at end (bottom) of screen due to non-optimisation.
Solution #3 is far better (faster) !

17th Jan. : Solution for Challenge #3.

24th Jan. : 2nd Optimization for Challenge #3.

viewdata-o|optimized version of viewdata prestel/viewdata terminals,


This version use a maximum of 1+12+20=33 chars instead of 24+39=63 for Challenge #1 to put the cursor anywhere on the 24x40 screen. Minimum is 1 char. Average is 1+6+10=17 chars.

Average counterpart for VT100 ( ESC [ x ; y H ) is only 6 chars with a min and max of respectively 3 and 8.

And now...?

12th Jan. : Solution for Challenge #2.

viewdata-rv|prestel/viewdata terminals with reverse capabilitie (as green),
	xmc#1, smso=\EB, rmso=\EG, use=viewdata,
  • This "no scrolling" terminal may fool vi(m) so I'll use emacs instead.
Sample snapshoot with Hyper Terminal in viewdata-rv mode :

So, next ?

Challenge 3: Making an optimized version of Challenge 1 !

7th Jan. : Solution for Challenge #1.

viewdata|prestel/viewdata terminals,
	cols#40, lines#24, am, bw,
	bel=^G, cr=^M,
	civis=^T, cnorm=^Q,
	cub1=^H, cuf1=^I, cud1=^J, cuu1=^K, home=^^, nel=^M^J,
	clear=^L, .el=^X,
	.ind=^J, .ri=^K,
	.rep=%p1%c^R%p2%'?'%+%c, eslok, hz,
# viewdata lacks a true cup capabilitie,
# so I achieved it with home and cud1/cuf1 sequences only !
(viewdata.ti file). Sample snapshoot with Hyper Terminal in viewdata mode :

So, next :

Challenge 2: Making the same with reverse-video (as green here)

Challenge 1: Making a Linux terminfo for Viewdata (Prestel)

Please note, that this seems to has never be done even since '70s !

A problem ?

The hard part is probably due to the fact that these terminals don't have a "cup" capabilitie : This mean that there is no sequence string to send cursor wherever you want on the screen (like US l+'A' c'+'A' on a french Minitel).

Or the well known "ESC [ line ; column H" sequence for DEC VT100 ones...

Solution ?

The only solution to send cursor on line y, column x with this terminal is to first go home (1,1) then doing cursor down y times and cursor right x times ...

This solution is far away from French Minitel: cup=^_%p1%'A'%+%c%p2%'A'%+%c
and famous DEC VT100: cup=\E[%i%p1%d;%p2%dH

But terminfo hold a "if-then-else" statement in its datas description. This open to a kind of developement language (but with no goto) and finally a tricky solution !

To be continued on 1st January !